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A Human-Factors Usability Tool

iCara Moderators:
Jeffrey Howard

iCara is a basic usability testing tool designed for covert data recording of user interface activity within controlled laboratory-based usability research. As a local-PC installed program, iCara does not require remote server internet-based services to record user activity. In addition, iCara provides a means by which user activity data can be exported to Microsoft Excel or some other Excel compatible spreadsheet program (such as OpenOffice Calc) for the purpose of analyzing and graphing data at more advanced levels.

iCara has the following capabilities:

  1. Records all raw cursor data.
  2. Graphically charts and displays interface X and Y values of cursor location over time
  3. Records right/left click instances
  4. Collects right/left click location data
  5. Records distance traveled by cursor
  6. Calculates cursor distance statistics for X and Y screen axes such as mean, standard deviation, variance
  7. Records all cursor activity for playback on a customized click-plot map.

Copyright 2012 by Jeffrey N. Howard

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