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Fast, Powerful and Compact FEA program

Z88 Logo Moderators:
Frank Rieg
Total downloads from Open Channel to date: 1158
source code available SOURCE CODE AVAILABLE

Z88 is a fast, powerful and compact Finite Elements Analysis Program especially designed for PC running the great LINUX, workstations and large computers with UNIX and PCs with WindowsXP/95.

Z88 features 20 finite element types covering plane stress, plate bending, axial symmetric structures and spacial structures up to 20-node Serendipity hexahedrons. Z88 comes with a user-friendly interface (the Z88 Commander), a powerful net generator, a DXF converter, a plot program and, of course, the FEA solver featuring an in-situ Cholesky solver along with the Jennings storage method. For large structures the new iteration solver is recommended. Import of COSMOS files from Pro/ENGINEER (with option Pro/MESH).

The new version Z88 10.0 for UNIX, LINUX and Windows is GNU GPL Freeware. Z88 is handcoded using pure ANSI-C and the true Windows API or UNIX-, X-, Xt- and Xm- calls.

Z88 graphic
[fork wrench designed with isoparametric Serendipity plane stress elements Nr.7 and motorcycle crankshaft designed with isoparametric Serendipity tetrahedron elements Nr.16 with 10 nodes each]
The Z88 philosophy
  • Fast and compact: Developed for PC, no ported mainframe system
  • Flexible and transparent: Controlled by text files
  • "Small is beautifull" - a modular system vs. monolithic monsters
  • native UNIX and Windows programs, no emulation
  • UNIX and Windows programs use the same computing kernels
  • Full data exchange from and to CAD systems with DXF-Interface
  • mesh import from Pro/ENGINEER
  • Context sensitive online-help under Windows and UNIX
  • No copy protection, no annoying passwords
  • Simplest installation: No subdirectories, no change of system files
  • Under UNIX: Automatic control and cumulative runs possible

Copyright 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 by Dr. Frank Rieg
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