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Space Communication Protocol Standards

SCPS graphic Moderators:
Patrick Feighery
Keith Scott
Robert Durst
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The Space Communication Protocol Standards (SCPS) originated in 1992, when elements of NASA and the US Air Force jointly commissioned the development of a specialized suite of data transfer protocols expressly designed for the stressed environment of satellite communications. A paramount design goal of SCPS is that it had to be based on current Internet protocols and fully interoperable with IETF standards.

Version 1.1.144 is here!
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SCPS was designed to meet the following goals:

  • Best possible use of limited bandwidth

  • High link utilization

  • Conservation of power

  • Prioritization of traffic

  • Tolerant of intermittent connectivity

  • High forward/return link asymmetry

In addition to the performance objectives, the SCPS was looking to establish these protocols as an international standard for the space networking community. The SCPS suite has been adopted as standards by the International Standards Organization (ISO), the Consultative Committee on Space Data Systems (CCSDS) and the US Department of Defense.

The software comes in two modes, a single end system stack, and a transparent transport layer gateway. Most people (about 95% percent of the recipients) use the gateway.

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