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MITRE's Open Source Question Answering System

John Burger
Total downloads from Open Channel to date: 1322
source code available SOURCE CODE AVAILABLE

MITRE is in the process of making its TREC question answering system publicly available under an Open Source license. Qanda is composed of a number of components, including:

  • question analyzer
  • IR wrappers
  • tokenizer
  • entity taggers
  • answer collators
All of these modules interoperate using the Catalyst architecture. Many of them can also operate in a standard XML pipeline mode.

Eventually, we will have all of these components, as well as Catalyst, available for download. As a first step, you can download Phrag, our HMM-based phrase tagger. Most of our research on Phrag has investigated its use as a named entity tagger, but it can also be trained to operate as a part-of-speech tagger, a syntactic chunker, etc.

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