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Parallel Unstructured Adaptive Mesh Refinement

PYRAMID logo Moderators:
Charles D. Norton
John Lou
Total downloads from Open Channel to date: 8048
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Pyramid 3.0 is Out!!
This release adds various performance improvements. It has been run on most systems and compilers, but the Intel 10.x compiler environment under Linux and SGI-Altix is officially supported.

PYRAMID is a software library used for the automatic adaptive refinement of large unstructured meshes on parallel computers and clusters. This software library can be easily used in a variety of unstructured parallel computational applications, including parallel finite element, parallel finite volume, parallel visualization applications using triangular or tetrahedral meshes, and quality controlled parallel mesh generation from initial coarse element models. The library contains a suite of well designed, and efficiently implemented, modules that perform operations in a typical parallel AMR process. Among these are:

  • Mesh quality control during successive parallel adaptive refinement (typically guided by a local-error estimator).

  • Parallel adaptive refinement.

  • Parallel mesh migration and load balancing.

  • Parallel mesh partitioning using ParMetis.

  • Visualization (Tecplot format).

The Pyramid library is implemented in Fortran 90/95 with the Message-Passing Interface (MPI) and parallel partitioning library (ParMetis) supporting code efficiency, modularity, and portability. It is scalable to hundreds of processors and millions of elements. Visualization is supported using Tecplot.

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Tetrahedral artery mesh (geometry from C. A. Taylor)
where color shows processor assignments.
Click to see full-scale
Tetrahedral earthquake fault mesh where color shows processor assignments.
Click to see full-scale
Tetrahedral cylinder region mesh where color shows processor assignments.
Click to see full-scale
Triangular mesh showing field from modeling of the magnetopause.

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