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Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer Display and Analysis Tool

Charles Thompson
Brian Rheingans
Total downloads from Open Channel to date: 708
source code available SOURCE CODE AVAILABLE

misr_view is an IDL-based display and analysis tool for use with many types of MISR and AirMISR data. It is specificially designed for use with those MISR and AirMISR files that use the HDF-EOS "grid" interface. These include MISR L1B2 georectified radiance, MISR L1B3 radiometric cloud masks, all MISR Level 2 geophysical products, the MISR Ancillary Geographic Product, and AirMISR L1B2 georectified radiances.

Some of the features of misr_view include: a graphical user interface for data selection, the ability to extract and assemble a range of blocks for display and the ability to load parameters having different spatial and bit-depth resolutions into the red, green and blue plus three ancillary planes of a viewing window. The viewing window has several utilities and tools including:

  • data transforms (to perform tasks such as data scaling and unpacking),
  • map projections,
  • vector overlays,
  • linking of multiple viewing windows via geolocation,
  • histogram viewing and stretch manipulation,
  • tools for constructing anaglyphs,
  • automatic scrolling through a large range of blocks at full resolution,
  • loading of 8-bit color tables,
  • emulation of 24-bit RGB color on 8-bit display hardware.

With the latest version of misr_view, an IDL license is NOT REQUIRED. The software will operate with IDL's Virtual Machine (IDL-VM), a free download from the Research Systems, Inc. website. The README file that accompanies misr_view provides the details as to how to obtain the IDL-VM. misr_view has been tested and is compatible with Windows, MacOSX, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, and IRIX platforms.

misr_view has been developed at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under contract to NASA.

NOTE: For more information about the MISR instrument and how to obtain data, please click here
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