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Goal Performance Evaluation System

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The Goal Performance Evaluation System (GPES) is an innovative interactive software application that implements, validates, and evaluates an organization's performance through the achievements of its employees. Developed by NASA at the Kennedy Space Center, GPES is used by the Center for strategic planning, employee performance management, and a center-wide communication. The system is web based and uses a relational database to host the information.
GPES performs the following functions:
  • Strategic Management Tool
    • Strategic Linking: Links organizational mission objective to agency and/or department goals. It then links the employees to the organization mission.
    • Strategic Evaluation: Provides a mechanism to capture and synthesize the achievements of the employee toward the accomplishments of the goals of the organization and/or department.
  • Employee Performance Management System
    • Employee Performance Plans: Supervisors define and appraise plans. Employees enter action plans and achievements.
    • Performance Plan Status: Provides organizational and/or departmental insight into the status of the performance planning and appraisal cycle.
  • Departmental Communication Tool
    • Records Employee Initiatives: Provides a common user friendly interface for employees to record their contributions towards selected departmental initiatives.
    • Departmental Communication: Provides a mechanism to collect and report data on selected departmental initiatives.

The technical requirements for GPES are as follows:
  • 1 Web Server - Running Microsoft NT, Internet Information Server, Word, Excel
  • 1 Database Server - Running Microsoft SQL Server
  • Employees need a standard browser, Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator on their computers
  • Reports generated by the system (including performance plans) are in Microsoft Word or Excel format and can be downloaded to the user's desktop computer

This application was originally developed at the Kennedy Space Center
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